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Hollywood Undead – Time Bomb testo e traduzione (al clic) in italiano

Time Bomb - Hollywood Undead

parole da studiare

I'm a social casualty, watching all your vanity

You'll become a memory in someone else's legacy, yeah

Fuck the trendsetters, social pressure is the enemy

Someone else's life is becoming your identity

I walk the line one step at a time

All these motherfuckers try to keep me in line

This pressure I can't take, any more and I'll break

You'll crumble in my wake, better listen when I say

There's gotta be a way

Something's gotta change, something's gotta change

And now I swear I'm blind

Looking for the light I can never find

I just wanna live before I die

Over and over in my mind

And I cannot seem to run, cannot seem to fight

I just wanna live before I die

Over and over in my mind

Over and over in my mind

Fuck what the people say, I'm hearing evil things

On bloody knees, I pray; my demons, they got angel wings

It's retribution now, the revolution sound

You're execution bound, and it's time to burn it down

Doomsday, I think it's coming, getting close, but I keep on running

Try to make me feel like nothing, now my hate's turned into something