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Hollywood Undead – Killin’ It testo e traduzione (al clic) in italiano

Killin’ It - Hollywood Undead

parole da studiare

You motherfuckers better stay woke, woke

And you know I go straight for the throat

I bet you wish I would trip up and choke

This ain't no motherfucking joke, yeah

I'm straight killing it, and I'm on that good high

Hating on us five guys, wave my nine, go bye-bye

D&G dead sale, smoking on that la-la

Run that mouth, all I ever hear is fucking blah-blah

I'm fucking killing it

I'm fucking killing it, yeah, ha

I'm fucking killing it

That's what the fuck is up

I'm fucking killing it, ha, yeah, ah

I'm fucking killing it

Now I got some coffin nails for you cottontails

You're six feet deep, death check's in the mail