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Imelda May – Watcha Gonna Do testo e traduzione (al clic) in italiano

Watcha Gonna Do - Imelda May

parole da studiare

You've played your silly games

And now I've had enough of you

Good things go from bad to worse

So good luck, au revoir, adieu

You're the one to live

With the fact that you let me go

Slip right through your hand

Love to say it

See, I told you so

I'm laughing at you

Whatcha watcha gonna do?

You stupid fool

Whatcha watcha gonna do?

I'm laughing at you oh

Watcha Whatcha gonna do?

You stupid fool

Watcha whatcha gonna do?

One day you will regret

And hang your head in shame

But this girl don't forget

No one but yourself to blame

I laid my whole self on the line

You didn't even blink an eye

All in a day's work for your kind