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Masterplan – Back For My Life testo e traduzione (al clic) in italiano

Back For My Life - Masterplan

parole da studiare

I'm wide awake with the sacred sun

Sending echoes out to distant places

I hear the watch ticking on your wrist

Sleeping beauty I could not resist you

My head is aching from yesterday

Feeling guilty must be on my way

There's a voice deep inside of me

It took me by surprise

Now I know where my heart lies

I'm crawling back for my life

Pleading to my love

I've been lost in my desire

I was drinking, wasn't thinking

And I'm sorry if it makes you cry

...oh yeah

You call me up on the telephone

You say you need me cause you're cold and lonely

Tempted by you, but I have to say

Could never walk away from my girl

There's a voice deep inside of me