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Ronan Keating – Oxygen testo e traduzione (al clic) in italiano

Oxygen - Ronan Keating

parole da studiare

You know when you ask why i'm still standing here,

Standing here with you.

You know my reply is always kinder dear,

What else would I do?

So fold in your wings,

Pull up your landing gear and have ne back for keeps.

Your mad if you think I'd abandon.. you and me.

Not in love with you cause I want to be,

It's not up to me, you know.

I'm in love with you cause I have to be,

Your my oxygen, your my oxygen, your my oxygen and I breath you in.


So time and again, through thick and thin,

I spin and orbit back to you.

Like the beat in my chest is my GPS,

Knows best on how to find you.