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ScHoolboy Q – Blind Threats (feat. Raekwon) testo e traduzione (al clic) in italiano

Blind Threats (feat. Raekwon) - ScHoolboy Q

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Right, uh, same shit every day, homie

Lord please forgive me for all my sins

Yeah, nigga wake up to the same shit everyday, homie

Walking in the valley of the shadow of death

No rules, right


Washing my sins off in hell's water

Feel like the Bible told me lies as I pray to 'em

Kneel down, put my faith in 'em, will you answer me?

But if God won't help me, this gun will, I swear I'm gon' find my way

[Verse 1]

Uh, four corners, cat and mouse chase, got cheese to catch

High on on some drug, I'm Space Cadet

Dreaming I don't live up on the block no more

Trapping trying to make it out this obstacle

Life on the edge, hell a block away

Pretty Snow White turned eight today

Selling that base, no Dr. Dre

Uh, guess who in the building?

Bucket hat with a strap like a pilgrim

Uh, kneeling down with some questions to address like

Why the ones who commit the worst sins live the best?

The 10 commandments, I can mark five checks

But I sense flaws, the Bible preaching blind threats

Streets held me down, got faith in a Pyrex

Faith in a four-five, I call it the clarinet

Sewer full of drugs when the toilet digests from the cop raid

All can relate, from the streets to the wall from niggas to compadres