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ScHoolboy Q – The Purge (feat. Tyler, The Creator & Kurupt) testo e traduzione (al clic) in italiano

The Purge (feat. Tyler, The Creator & Kurupt) - ScHoolboy Q

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[Intro: Joy, Q's daughter]

My daddy said you're a nigga

[Hook: Tyler, The Creator]

(Bow, bow!) Coming in for yours

Niggas got them choppers and they knocking at your door

The sirens getting louder when the bodies hit the floor

Why you look confused? Mothafucka, this is war

[Interlude: Tyler, The Creator]

Yeah, nigga, uh, yeah, nigga

Yeah, nigga, uh, yeah, nigga, uh, yeah, nigga

[Verse 1: Schoolboy Q]

As this G shit begin, put this product placement on your chin

The realest nigga breathing, y'all pretend

Real crippy since I hopped off the swing

With my strap, that's my peace offering (Yo, yeah, uh, yeah)

Five shots get rung out, five bodies falling

Come put your lights out, I spark your apartment

Deadline my clothing, don't fuck with Pink Dolphin

Strap on his hairline, his forehead gets softened

Send extras through his chest bones, shit, he don't need that coffin

Most niggas would've run away, but me I'm out here walking

Bucket hat with my shades on, my wardrobe look awesome

Now nah, I ain't on no dolphin, fuck rhyming, I'm cripping

Niggas rap about what I'm living, all this false claiming, I'm marring

Doing drive-by's I ain't steering, white Peter Rose, I ain't tearin'

Fuck your bitch in front of your children

Steal your whip side of my building, yeah

Put my dick and nuts in her mouth, bust in her hair

I'm very rare, got my trigger on top of my underwear

Bitch, I'm everywhere and over there

You die here, let of a bag (YAWK, YAWK)



[Verse 2: Schoolboy Q]