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Pronuncia di become in Inglese

  • diventare
  • essere
  • divenire
  • farsi
  • venire
  • stare bene a
  • addirsi
  • confarsi
  • convenirsi

Esempi da film

Or he'll become a permanent political fixture, even if he loses like Sarah Palin.
Donald Trump Will Never Be President… Or Will He?
Which means you won't become officially missing...
127 Hours - Radio Show Breakdown
But as the Go game progresses, the possibilities become smaller and smaller.
Pi - Go Board
the world would become innocent again,
Nut Up or Shut Up - Zombieland
At what point in history did a doctor become more...
Patch Adams - You Treat a Person
How the hell am I supposed to become this Mr. Sensitive Man?
American Pie - Wild Thing
I learned that people who help me, who invest in me become my partners
Abandon - Tell Us About Yourself
Christ, Carolyn. When did you become so... Joyless ?
American Beauty - I Rule!
"and when did it become okay for one person
Mean Girls - Such a Good Friend
to become mattress king of Atlantic City.
Material Girls - Spa Seduction
And if this is gonna become some running diatribe...
The Blind Side - He's Changing Mine
Los Angeles has become a place where our protectors
Changeling - Reverend Briegleb's Sermon
And in those years you become something different.
Lions for Lambs - Malley on Adulthood
when, in fact, she was an old cow who had become a new cow again, I mean...
Someone Like You... - Dr. Charles Revealed
and they'd become better citizens, you know?
Vice - Stick to the Story
So... so I become their little fantasy girl for five bucks a pop
Middle Men - A Part of Ourselves
Because to do this thing, that's who you have to become.
The Next Three Days - Planning a Prison Break
Since when did you become such a man all of a sudden?
Money Monster - You're Not a Man
I didn't want to become first brother, especially for the rest of my life.
Fred Claus - Brothers Anonymous
When did that become a douche bag thing?
That's My Boy - Worst Dad Ever