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Pronuncia di extreme in Inglese

  • estremo
  • estremità
  • eccessivo
  • eccezionale
  • ultimo

Esempi da film

Yeah, I went from, like, one extreme to the other.
The Banger Sisters - Breasts at the DMV
I'm sensitive to extreme measures of cold and you know that.
Ride Along - A Hostile Situation
It's a bit extreme, isn't it ?
Liar Liar - Big Liar
Were things really that bad that we have to do something this extreme?
Hall Pass - Fake Everything
He put hot sauce on your dildo, this is a little extreme don't you think?
Bad Roomies - The Gloves Are Off
I think a face mask is a little extreme.
Equals - Bug
The most extreme example of this is in the zone in AK we named, "So Far Gone."
The Fourth Phase - Hydrology and Sports