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Pronuncia di million in Inglese

  • milione

Esempi da film

Who gives a shit? I'm about to win ten million bucks anyway, right?
Super Troopers - Dimpus Burger
Are ya? What are you going to do with that ten million bucks?
Super Troopers - Dimpus Burger
I forgot that I had 250 million people...
Dave - The Whole Truth
Several million per second.
Lucy - A Higher Purpose
standin' in front of about two million dollars,
Casino - The Count Room
Uh, now, the way I see it, we need $650 million in order to...
Dave - Balancing the Budget
...we'd be making $23 million a month in interest.
Dave - Balancing the Budget
Uh, you're spending 47 million dollars on an ad campaign...
Dave - Balancing the Budget
So we're spending 47 million dollars so that somebody can feel better...
Dave - Balancing the Budget
Of course not. Well, then, that's another 47 million.
Dave - Balancing the Budget
Five, carry the one makes $656 million dollars
Dave - Balancing the Budget
My client has already offered Mrs. Cole 2.4 million dollars.
Liar Liar - I Can't Lie!
I'll be throwing one of these in with every purchase of 500 million or more.
Iron Man - The Jericho
Now, I could ask you for a million dollars.
Leprechaun 2 - Three Wishes
you will receive a 1.4 million dollar one-off bonus.
Margin Call - A Fire Sale
you will get an additional 1.3 million dollars apiece.
Margin Call - A Fire Sale
You get 300 million of them, they can build a cathedral.
Bull Durha - What Crash Believes
I think if you wanna invest half a million dollars in your friend's business
Hitch - Shock and Awe
She looks like a million bucks.
Life of Crime - A New Plan
you've always wanted for 7 million dollars less.
Draft Day - I Want My Picks Back
7 million cheaper solves our salary cap problem.
Draft Day - I Want My Picks Back
for 850 million dollars, by the way. Or maybe it's not a code word.
Mission: Impossible 3 - The Anti-God
I mean, what... what is he giving you? Five, six million?
The Score - Heist Confrontation
How else could there be men with a million years while most live day to day?
In Time - Cost of Living