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Pronuncia di seem in Inglese

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Esempi dai film con Seem

Well, Mumble, since you seem so keen to share.
Happy Feet - Mumble Has No Heartsong
Is... is... You seem a little pepped up.
Wanted - Wesley's Breakdown
but people don't seem to want to stay very long.
Scary Movie 2 - The Caretaker
but they seem prosaic to me, for some reason, by comparison.
Sideways - Miles on Wine
You and Brendan don't seem to understand that.
Warrior - You're Trying?
Well, ma'am, it doesn't seem so in this case, now, does it?
Top Gun - I Was Inverted
Colors, you know, they seem dull and...
Hitch - Professional Help
The police around here don't seem to have the first clue.
The Silence of the Lambs - Buffalo Bill
As we get older, things seem less important.
Red - KGB and CIA
People in town do seem to wonder if he was involved.
Capote - The Way I Am
I just meant you seem a little young to be a doctor.
50/50 - Doogie Howser
though you don't seem to have a brain to fry in the first place.
Uptown Girls - You're Workin' For Me!
You don't really seem like a boxer to me.
Creed - You Got a Jawn?
The truth is, to some people, zombies might seem human.
Fido - Dead or Alive?
Well, it would seem that way, yes.
Waitress - Strange Medicine
Can't seem to stay away from apple pie.
Mother and Child - Harsh Date
I just can't seem to say the right things around you,
Mother and Child - Harsh Date
Well, you just seem a little more wound up than usual.
Christine - Jealousy

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