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Pronuncia di trust in Inglese

  • trust
  • fede
  • confidenza
  • affidamento
  • cartello
  • società
  • credito
  • amministrazione
  • credenza
  • fidare
  • fidarsi
  • confidare
  • credere
  • affidarsi
  • far credito

Esempi dai film con Trust

Trust me, Linda. I know 'em a whole lot better than you do.
Be Cool - The Raised Eyebrow Look
- You have to trust me, Henry. - No. No, I can't.
The Good Son - Over the Edge
I know, but trust me, I got you. You're good.
Lottery Ticket - I Got You
Think of my office as a nest in a tree of trust and understanding.
Old School - A Waitresses' Panties
What? What? I thought we were in the trust tree with.
Old School - A Waitresses' Panties
Trust me, whatever you're doing, it's working.
Shallow Hal - Lunch With Rosemary
You can trust me. I understand.
Warrior - You're Trying?
The pleasure's all on this side of the table, trust me.
Office Space - Motivation Problems
Trust me, this isn't just talk. Nobody screws me over like that.
Dirty Work - Screwing Over Hamilton
Trust me, I know that they're looking at me and thinking about it,
Philadelphia - A Case About Homosexuality
Trust me, I know you don't have any reason to believe in me,
Morning Glory - Are You Gonna Sing?
I promise. No need to be scared. Trust me.
Push - A Crappy Artist
How could I ever trust anything you say again?
The Last Kiss - Lying About Cheating
She was the only person I could ever trust.
Spy - Sad Clown
Okay? And you're trying to grow a conscience here. Trust me on this one.
Think Like a Man - Honesty is Overrated
y'all better have a baby or your marriage is over. Trust.
Ted 2 - Trix Are for Kids

Pronuncia audio di Trust

Pronuncia americana

Trust pronunciato da Ivy (bambino, ragazza)
Trust pronunciato da Joanna (donna)
Trust pronunciato da Kendra (donna)
Trust pronunciato da Kimberly (donna)
Trust pronunciato da Salli (donna)
Trust pronunciato da Joey (uomo)
Trust pronunciato da Justin (bambino, ragazzo)
Trust pronunciato da Matthew (uomo)

Pronuncia britannica

Trust pronunciato da Amy (donna)
Trust pronunciato da Emma (donna)
Trust pronunciato da Brian (uomo)