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All Good Things – Break Through This Wall tekst i tłumaczenie (po kliknięciu) piosenki

Break Through This Wall - All Good Things

słowa do nauczenia się

Come now or never, we're all here waiting

Come with everything you have but don't be mistaken

We are the fight, don't care who is right we-

Only know who's left behind and who will be taken

One day you're gonna lie there dead in your grave

They're gonna say that you never did enough

You'll never play in the big leagues

Never compare to me, you'll never be a warrior

You're gonna fall to your knees

And the more that you bleed, you get weak and it's all over

You never could compete

You will never compare to me, you'll never be a warrior

Try to tear us down, we'll rise back up

We're higher now, your will, your weapon's not enough

We stand as one, prepare to fall

Yeah you can try but you can't break through this wall

Come as you are, come ready or not

Your promise of a victory is turning to ashes

All those who follow will leave you tomorrow

Running from the battle as they're burning and crashing