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All Good Things – For The Glory tekst i tłumaczenie (po kliknięciu) piosenki

For The Glory - All Good Things

słowa do nauczenia się

Better back down

You're in my domane

Got the whole crowd

Screaming out our name

It's a blowout, it's a hurricane

It's over, before you know it

Why you shaking

We're a dynasty

In the making

We're the royalty

Now we're breaking, down the enemy

Move over, for the soldiers

Take a swing, I can take a hit

If we die it's fine, we live for this

It's all for this

We're gonna stand on top with our hands in the sky

Gonna raise our cup to the stadium lights

For the glory (for the glory)

For the glory (for the glory)

We celebrate with the city tonight

Hear the whole town cheer, it's the ultimate high

For the glory, (for the glory)

We do it for the glory (for the glory)

Yeah, we waited, for our time to come

Calculated everything we done

We upgraded

Now you can't outrun a champion

Now you're facing one

Can you hear them? yeah it's all for us

You believe them, yeah it's serious

Hear the siren, we're victorious