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Imelda May – It's Good To Be Alive tekst i tłumaczenie (po kliknięciu) piosenki

It's Good To Be Alive - Imelda May

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"It's Good To Be Alive"

My thoughts are dark and empty, I'm now crying out loud

Don't know what am I asking for or if an answer can be found

The loneliness is killing, though there's someone in my bed

There's only so much living and I fear I could be dead

But then standing at my window when the night seems like it's won

And everything seems brighter with the sighting of the sun

And I said, oh my god, it's good to be alive

Oh my god, it's good to be alive

I know one thing for sure's that I'll die

But today, yeah, it's good to be alive

Lying in my bedroom, my eyes are wide awake

My body's tired and giving up, oh for heaven's sake

Won't you please send me a little sleep, to ease my worried mind