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Lights – Fight Club tekst i tłumaczenie (po kliknięciu) piosenki

Fight Club - Lights

słowa do nauczenia się

It's feast or famine with you, isn't it?

You're either all the way in, or you up and quit

When we've run out of walls to hit

We just walk away from it, walk away from it, walk away

What ever happen to talkin it out?

Always keeping our thoughts left in out mouths

And the silence always starts to shouts

Did we forget what it's about, -get what it's about, it's about?

It's getting heavy, you already know

Crack in the levy is about to blow

Throw my hands up, 'cause I had enough

It's going through my head, like it always does

Come and show me what you're made of

All these sacrifices for love

Throw it up when push comes to shove

Gonna have it out like fight club

Fight club

Gonna have it out like fight club