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Megadeth – Victory tekst i tłumaczenie (po kliknięciu) piosenki

Victory - Megadeth

słowa do nauczenia się

Now, one day I started telling everyone that

"Killing is my business..." and I was hung like a martyr

For "Looking down the cross" my "Skull beneath the skin"

Prophesied "Last rites / Loved to Death" my friends

Then I started seeing "Bad omens" in my head

"Good mourning / Black friday" will I "Wake up dead"?

If I "Ain`t superstitious" then this won`t mean a thing

But some crazy shit has happened since "The conjuring".

Had fingers in my eyes, had needles in my veins

a knife right through my heart, I am a victory.

Came "Anarchy" to "Set the world a fire"

Pain of "Hook in mouth", "In my darkest hour"