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Olly Murs – Us Against The World tekst i tłumaczenie (po kliknięciu) piosenki

Us Against The World - Olly Murs

słowa do nauczenia się

I've got the rhythm up in my head

It's beating slowly

Tell me will I see you again?

You came around and lifted my sky

You open my eyes and I can never close ‘em again

Hold back, I hold back

I don't play like that

I'm good, she is bad

And there's no way that I am leaving now

Hold back, you pull back

You don't play like that

You playing with my mind and I don't care

We got tonight so tell me your name

I'm going crazy, so calling me baby

Is us against the world

I'm watching your moves and I bring you games

Just stay with me baby

Is us against the world

Is us against the world

Is us against the world

Take me anywhere you want now

But don't you slow down

Cuz I don't wanna lose you again

I got a feeling and it's magic