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Angielska wymowa słowa bird

  • ptak

Przykłady z filmów

I'm ready to go now. Why wait? Early bird gathers no moss.
The Truman Show - Being Spontaneous
Yeah, he's over there talking to your bird.
Closer - Anna's Photo Exhibition
I was... You know, giving him the bird.
Top Gun - I Was Inverted
You know what happens when a cuckoo hatches inside another bird's nest?
Spectre - Ernst Stavro Blofeld
Yeah. Unattached. Free as a bird.
Alfie - What Have I Got?
No, Lianne is like a cracked-out humming bird.
My Man Is a Loser - The Fix
Before people started to forget who was inside that bird costume.
Birdman - Relevant
A puffin is a low-flying bird.
Hard Sell - Uncool
I'm a bird. Instinct should take over.
Stuart Little 2 - I'll Miss You
And if I can find the bird feeder, then I guess I'll mow that, too.
Summer Catch - Lawn Girl
Bird and Diz was doing that on stage every night, on the fly.
Miles Ahead - Classical Music
- That's like... you're eating like a bird there, huh? - No.
Going the Distance - The Mustache Time Machine
Hey, Fred, it is time to wake up, huh? The early bird gets worms.
Short Circuit 2 - Manic Robot