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Angielska wymowa słowa police

  • policja
  • policja
  • rewizja
  • patrolować
  • utrzymać porządek
  • regulować
  • policyjny

Przykłady z filmów

notifies the police they'll put a 24-hour hold on it...
127 Hours - Radio Show Breakdown
- Hazzard County Police Department. - Enos, this is Boss Hogg.
The Dukes of Hazzard - Daisy Duke and Enos
Helen, get my gun, and call the police!
Ted - A Young Boy's Wish
Police, fire and emergency medical services will be unavailable
The Purge - Time for Lockdown
Right. I tell you what. Um, I'll call the police, and, um,
Notting Hill - Can I Have Your Autograph?
The police don't know when to kick the door in.
Next Friday - Day-Day's Problems
- Its times like these... - Police are combing the area for clues.
Scary Movie - Run, Bitch, Run!
Police are asking anyone to come forward.
Scary Movie - Run, Bitch, Run!
I'm a sergeant in the Massachusetts State Police.
The Departed - I Erased You
You know what? I'm gonna call the police
Trainwreck - You Butt-Dialed Me
If you denounce me to the police,
Clue - Over His Dead Body
I gotta say, watching the police search my house
Mean Girls - Making Things Right
I need the police. There are people in our house.
X2 - Bobby Comes Out
One of them's underage, another one attacked a police officer,
48 Hrs. - I Hate Rednecks
The police around here don't seem to have the first clue.
The Silence of the Lambs - Buffalo Bill
- Toast, cake, muffins. - I should call the police.
Hot Pursuit - All Jacked Up
No! I am the mother-effing police! Don't you see?
Hot Pursuit - All Jacked Up
I became an accountant for the police department.
The Other Guys - Gator the Pimp
we are told that the Los Angeles Police Department
Changeling - Reverend Briegleb's Sermon
and incompetent police department this side of the Rocky Mountains
Changeling - Reverend Briegleb's Sermon
the work of Police Chief James Davis and his aptly named Gun Squad.
Changeling - Reverend Briegleb's Sermon
You know, I have some friends in the police department, who...
Vice - Stick to the Story