Ucz się prawdziwego angielskiego z książek i filmów.

Dodawaj słowa i zwroty, by uczyć się ich i ćwiczyć z innymi uczniami.


Angielska wymowa słowa side

  • bok
  • strona
  • burta
  • stok
  • aspekt sprawy
  • partia w sporze
  • partia
  • pobocznica
  • przystać
  • boczny
  • uboczny
  • poboczny

Przykłady z filmów

There's no whack-bat on the other side of the river?
Fantastic Mr. Fox - Whack-Bat
- He's from my mother's side. - Oh, yeah.
Fantastic Mr. Fox - Whack-Bat
Catch you on the flip side, motherfuckers.
Bridesmaids - Ready to Partay
I think you know what side the Kappas were on.
Legally Blonde 2 - Snap Cup
Judging by his address, probably something bigger on the side.
L.A. Confidential - Better Than Veronica Lake
And we get left by the side of the road if we get it wrong.
Margin Call - It's Just Money
It's like a big big chomp out of the side of the car.
The Iron Giant - Something Big
Pull your vehicle to the side of the road!
Dumb & Dumber - Urine Trouble
You know, deep down the side that you wish you were black.
Do the Right Thing - Racist Stereotypes
A promoter swearing that you did side deals with him so you could split my overages!
Ray - Stealing From Ray
I use the side door. That way Lumbergh can't see me.
Office Space - Motivation Problems
The pleasure's all on this side of the table, trust me.
Office Space - Motivation Problems
Mrs. withers, what about Andy's side of the story?
XX - Bad Boy
and incompetent police department this side of the Rocky Mountains
Changeling - Reverend Briegleb's Sermon
You saved his life. You do have a sensitive side.
Phone Booth - Telescopic Sight
I needed to be by my father's side. After all, he's the only dad I got.
Big Fat Liar - Lying Through Your Teeth
I was just about to cross over to the other side,
Big Fat Liar - Lying Through Your Teeth
On the other side we have loving, affectionate, silly.
All Over the Guy - Attraction
There's a bridge on the other side that you could have used.
Think Like a Man Too - Marry Me
my parents pulled over on the side of the road to look at that big dinosaur
Joe Dirt - You're My Sister!
Then The Creator made Man. And by his side, Woman.
Noah - Creation Sequence