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Letra e tradução (ao clicar) da música Focused on Tomorrow - Kazzer

Focused on Tomorrow - Kazzer

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Movin’ on why did you run and hide in the back of my mind

I played the point but now I’m catchin rebounds gone to overtime

Shoes were left at my door step still emptiness remains, watchin replays in a daze hopin that I can find the ways was it a faze,

You put the tape in rewind but nothins wrong,

Except that memories are hard to erase,

I took the helm when I heard nice guys finish last, built a force field to adapt so that the times wouldn’t collapse,

I’m not angry or bitter just a little confused, back and forth an

In and out ride, to bad I caught you offside, and this time it seems I’ll let it happen in fact, I should probably let you go, but I’ll be here when you come back cause