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Letra e tradução (ao clicar) da música Steel City - Kazzer

Steel City - Kazzer

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Steel city ain’t it gritty like it down and dirty rippin down one way streets,

Everybody workin hard by the smoke stacks and the mass factories,

Late shift when then light dips, big ships land in the north end,

Studebaker plant revamp, off to Beasley Park gonna breakdance,

Yo bar fights and the cold nights and the crowds hype and it don’t stop,

Titties in the Picadilly close call, Queen street heard a gunshot,

Under rated in a state of mind, respect gets you past fine lines,

Where the train tracks and the bright lights meet heavy metal goin state side

Late for work, pockets hurt, broke and uneasy

Love and hate feelin the stress for no reason,

When the steel city’s callin but the tanks runnin low

Midnight express then I’m back on the road again