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Letra e tradução (ao clicar) da música Love Story - Yelawolf

Love Story - Yelawolf

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When this well runs dry

I guess you'll find another well

When I say goodbye

There'll be another breeze to sail

When my boat goes down

I guess you'll learn how to swim

If I don't come home

Just know you've been a good friend

Don't forget me

I love you so

Don't forget me

I've never let you go

Don't forget me

Love is the story I wrote

Don't forget me

Don't forget me

If God is my angel, the fucking devil's the pistol

Better put your face behind safety glass when I load up this missile

Whistling past this infinite path, I limp when I track

My footprints like a giant, look at this mountain

Bounce on my boots and then climb it

Mount up my troops and defiantly

Go against what they trying, teach 'em to shoot what I'm rhyming

Be living proof of my word, meaning I'm Bible designing

Jesus I'm rival, decapitating put the bait on my line and

Throw the hook to the open water