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Letra e tradução (ao clicar) da música Outer Space - Yelawolf

Outer Space - Yelawolf

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I am that motherfucker, Lord give me that deuce deuce

I'm out the roof like a chimney sweeper

I'm on Jack and cola

Oh, snap that boy's about to go go pow pow, hold up

Dead at midnight, out like a convict

Trick I'm losing my shit, watch this

Throw a bottle, Fuck the world

I need fight tunes and mushrooms, I'm tripping

(Chicka Chicka) Who's bad?

Baby it's my turn, I want all of it

Hey, let's go

Look, and I'm hating on a trailer park pimp

Who? Me

It's a problem ain't it, man

You're fucking white, you better get used to it

Catfish Billy man

Check the 5-0, in the rear-view

Scheming on the Chevy cause the Chevy's a clear view

Tires wet, pulling me over

With tattoos, I'm a pistol holder

An American fuck up, money like a crook

And I'm spending G's like I'm buying a soda