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Letra e tradução (ao clicar) da música Change - Yelawolf

Change - Yelawolf

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Yela done found this touch a long time ago

Had to walks hours before I found this new kind of road

Had to spend months inside a dark room when my candles broke

But I came out with a light that blinded the antelope

Oh I mean a buck, cause I'm buckin' the antidote

Could I be what they though I was, but it's kinda no

And it's kinda yes when addressin' my talent growth

They seen a star but I got life like a planet though

I was just a bud and who knew what the plant would grow

Flowers and I got flower power like Abbey Road

I caught the sun shower drenched in a pot of gold

Bless you with this twinkling powdered smoke

The wind got in my sails in the creek water, no paddle boat

Nobody picking me off the ground when my saddle broke

It don't matter though, a horse is a horse

Plus I needed the workout, I'm kinda glad it broke

I'm ecstatic, better yet, I'm in that kind of mode

That classics are made from

I done found my soul through change

Where will you go now? what will they say?

I done found my soul through change

Is it true now, or just play?

Yeah that's me, with a fifth of that Jack D

Still ridin' dirty to 8-ball MJG