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Como se pronúncia dollar

  • dólar
  • coroa

Exemplos de filmes

and when I saw those tacky ten-dollar flowers from dickless little Steve,
Nurse 3-D - Sexual Obsession
you could build a house out of stacks of hundred-dollar bills.
Casino - The Count Room
On top of that, I will pay you a fifty-dollar reward.
True Grit - A Man with True Grit
you will receive a 1.4 million dollar one-off bonus.
Margin Call - A Fire Sale
Quarters, dimes, dollar bills from housewives
JFK - The Truth
Now, 75 cents of every dollar, and owning my own masters
Ray - A Better Deal
I'll just, uh, give you back his dollar deposit,
Paper Moon - Bible Salesmen
I can't afford you bleeding on these 1500-dollar Ferragamo's!
Exposed - Game Over, Playboy
We have to get a billion-dollar valuation.
Equity - Party
Do you mind if I have a 9-dollar bottle of water?
Serving Sara - First Kiss