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Como se pronúncia escape

  • escapar
  • fuga
  • saída
  • evasão
  • libertação
  • salvamento
  • fugir
  • esquecer
  • libertar-se

Exemplos de filmes

I got lucky. There was a patient escape. It was the perfect excuse.
Shutter Island - What If They Wanted You Here?
All they'd to do was fake an escape to get you here, and now they have you.
Shutter Island - What If They Wanted You Here?
But you can escape this nightmare if you let me help you.
Total Recall - Delusion or Reality?
and put an escape jacket onto him to make sure he floats.
U-571 - Tyler's Plan
Kindness is gone from the land, and you cannot escape the killings.
The Kite Runner - Hassan's Letter
One day, when he was unshackled to go to the toilet, he tried to escape.
A Mighty Heart - The Courage to Endure
Once you know his name, you can't escape him.
The Bye Bye Man - Just Doing My Job
It must be very, very nice to have an escape hatch.
Christine - Mental Breakdown
Just be a little careful with the escape button.
The Net - Mozart's Ghost
I need tears to tear me in two and let this nightmare escape, but...
Anomalisa - There's Something Wrong With Me