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Como se pronúncia lot

  • muito
  • lote
  • sorte
  • porção
  • parte
  • destino
  • quinhão
  • sina
  • fado
  • lotear
  • dividir
  • tirar a sorte
  • muitos
  • grande número de

Exemplos de filmes

Well, I've done a lot of it since then. it all adds up to one thing:
Casablanca - Here's Looking At You, Kid
I can't believe my ears. A lot of hostility!
8 Mile - Rabbit Battles Papa Doc
Yeah, sounds like you guys had a lot of time together, alone,
Date Night - You Two Make Sex With Us?
Tell you what we should do. We don't have a lot of time,
Date Night - You Two Make Sex With Us?
a lot of us are rewarded for our misdeeds,
John Wick - I'm Back
And then she drank a lot, but she didn't - Barely got-
Trainwreck - I Scored on LeBron James
You've got a lot of problems, don't you?
Ted - White Trash Names
Trust me, Linda. I know 'em a whole lot better than you do.
Be Cool - The Raised Eyebrow Look
Well, at least he's with us, Butch. You been spending a lot of time gone.
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid - Knife Fight
I'm tired! I've been under a lot of stress.
City Slickers - I Hate Bullies
I've... I've been talking to him a lot, Noah, and... and he wants to apologize.
Wish I Was Here - Maybe You Can Believe in Family
- It's a lot of floor work. - I see that.
Pitch Perfect - Fat Amy
Some of these stones got a lot of niggers in them.
Casino - Dominick & the Desperadoes
A lot of holes in the desert and a lot of problems are buried in those holes.
Casino - A Hell of a Handicapper
Think you'd discover a lot if you really knew me.
You've Got Mail - Very First Zinger
And we make a lot of money if we get it right.
Margin Call - It's Just Money
I done held in a lot of shit And I'm 'bout to flip
Hustle & Flow - Whoop That Trick
It's only the beginning I got a lot to say
Hustle & Flow - Whoop That Trick
I don't know, Stacie. Man, it's... it's a lot.
Lottery Ticket - I Got You
This is a lot. I'm not even gonna lie to you.
Lottery Ticket - I Got You