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Como se pronúncia out

  • fora
  • saída
  • passeio
  • exteriores
  • desculpa
  • parte exterior
  • canto externo
  • espaço aberto
  • coisas sem valor
  • oposição
  • apagar
  • expulsar
  • extinguir
  • desligar
  • enxotar
  • pôr na rua
  • nocautear
  • pôr fora de jogo
  • fora
  • ausente
  • esgotado
  • apagado
  • fora de casa
  • acabado
  • desligado
  • extinto
  • gasto
  • rasgado
  • de fora lá fora
  • roto
  • remoto
  • para fora
  • sem
  • de fora
  • terminado
  • desprovido de
  • a partir de
  • segundo
  • desde
  • de dentro de

Exemplos de filmes

Got four minutes to get Rosco to the vet, so I love you kids get out, get out!
Bad Moms Official Trailer
I made out with so many women tonight...
Bad Moms Official Trailer
We'll let some people in when it clears out a little.
Knocked Up You Old, She Pregnant
You're just some roided out freak with a fucking clipboard!
Knocked Up You Old, She Pregnant
Some company out there's gonna thank their lucky stars they hired my little brother.
Uncle Steve | Rick and Morty
and then they use those to multiply and spread out, take over planets.
Uncle Steve | Rick and Morty
So we got to keep an eye out for any zany, wacky characters that pop up.
Uncle Steve | Rick and Morty
l don't know why Dionne's going out with a high-school boy.
Clueless - R.S.V.P.
Nine chances out of ten we'd both wind up in a concentration camp. Isn't that true, Louis?
Casablanca - Here's Looking At You, Kid
That's them! They knocked us out and stole our space suits!
Dude, Where's My Car? - Zoltan Meeting
And be quiet on your way out. My parents are taking a nap.
Dude, Where's My Car? - Zoltan Meeting
And it's clawing out of my body.
Alien Abortion - Uncensored
All right, all right, all right. Hey, check this out.
8 Mile - Rabbit Battles Papa Doc
- Okay. - He likes to just plan it all out, like what he's gonna say and his little outfit.
Identity Thief - Big Chuck and Diana
And I'm going to go out on the dance floor and we're going to dance real slow.
Identity Thief - Big Chuck and Diana
Joe and my mom are both disgusting alcoholics. The only difference is one funny thing came out of my mom.
Road to Roast Battle: Los Angeles - Uncensored