Aprenda inglês de verdade com filmes e livros.

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Como se pronúncia seen

  • visto
  • ver
  • verificar
  • perceber
  • observar
  • enxergar
  • considerar
  • olhar
  • notar
  • descobrir
  • compreender
  • imaginar
  • providenciar
  • supor
  • seguir até ao fim
  • pensar
  • não desistir
  • permitir
  • refletir
  • distinguir
  • acompanhar
  • ter o dom da vista
  • deixar

Exemplos de filmes

I had never seen anything so beautiful in my life.
Forrest Gump - Peas and Carrots
I have not seen that! I have not seen that!
Unbroken - An Olympic Record
When have you ever seen anyone in a tuxedo do that move?
I Love You, Man - Best Bond Impression
You've seen it in Bangladesh, you know that's not true.
This Means War - Surveillance Sex Talk
I'm sorry. We haven't seen each other for so long.
There's Something About Mary - Hair Gel
- Macbeth. - We know you. We've seen you like this before.
All About Eve - Fasten Your Seatbelts
You should have seen the look on your face!
Scary Movie 3 - Faking It
I've never seen a painting that captures the beauty of the ocean...
Wall Street - Money Never Sleeps
You are Kareem. I've seen you play. My dad's got season tickets.
Airplane! - Have You Ever Seen a Grown Man Naked?
Like I'd seen a thing or two, you know?
Walk the Line - Cocaine Blues
Oh man, I seen some crazy-ass shit in my time, but this--
Pulp Fiction - I Shot Marvin in the Face
I had never seen anything so beautiful in my life.
Forrest Gump - Peas and Carrots
I'm gonna ask you again. Have you seen that tape?
Primal Fear - The Tape
I have not seen this guy for 20 years.
Groundhog Day - Happy in Love
I've seen The Exorcist about 167 times. . .
Beetlejuice - We're Simpatico
Because I think that you are the most beautiful woman I've ever seen.
Taxi Driver - Travis Visits Betsy
and nobody'd seen him since.
Stand by Me - The Body
I seen it on Highway Patrol and on Dragnet.
Stand by Me - The Body