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Как произносится слово center

  • середина
  • средоточие
  • ось
  • стержень
  • средняя точка
  • кернер
  • центральный игрок
  • угольник
  • шаблон
  • центрировать
  • центровать
  • концентрироваться
  • концентрировать
  • сосредоточиваться
  • сосредотачивать
  • помещать в центре
  • отмечать кернером
  • помещаться в центре

Примеры из фильмов c Center

Their quest for a boss put the minions front and center for some of the civilization most historic moments.
Minions Many Evil Bosses
The center-tagger lights a pinecone, chucks it over the basket.
Fantastic Mr. Fox - Whack-Bat
The center has to be at least three times bigger than this.
Zoolander - Center For Kids Who Can't Read Good
that a plane has crashed into one of the towers of the World Trade Center.
World Trade Center - First Attack
What schmuck would fly a plane into the Trade Center?
World Trade Center - First Attack
It's a state-of-the-art mobile command center
Agent Cody Banks - Spy Gadgets
Now the destroyer's gonna go to the center of that debris field,
U-571 - Tyler's Plan
the police can have the center of the city sealed tight in fifteen minutes.
The Next Three Days - Planning a Prison Break
On Earth, which is still the center of civilization, like it or not.
Passengers - Partner Mode
Dr. Tim at the center says that when I get like this, I...
View from the Top - Peak-Too-Sooner
How come you work at Micro Center?
Ghost Team - Sucky Ghosts
Must be really nice to have a daycare center at work.
Office Christmas Party - Dating Troubles
as a program director at the new youth center...
Brother Nature - All the Time
Man, that is buried right in the center, isn't it?
Escape Room - Trapped Under Ice

Аудио произношение Center

Американское произношение

Center произнесенно Ivy (Ребёнок, девочка)
Center произнесенно Joanna (девушка)
Center произнесенно Kendra (девушка)
Center произнесенно Kimberly (девушка)
Center произнесенно Salli (девушка)
Center произнесенно Joey (мужчина)
Center произнесенно Justin (Ребёнок, мальчик)
Center произнесенно Matthew (мужчина)

Британское произношение

Center произнесенно Amy (девушка)
Center произнесенно Emma (девушка)
Center произнесенно Brian (мужчина)