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Как произносится слово day

  • сутки
  • время
  • рабочий день
  • дневное время
  • знаменательный день
  • период
  • эпоха
  • победа
  • отрезок времени
  • период жизни
  • вся жизнь человека
  • пора
  • дневной

Примеры из фильмов c Day

It's a beautiful day, and Trump is the Republican Presidential Nominee.
Donald Trump Will Never Be President… Or Will He?
Robot Chicken - Gone Barbie
Their new master had a tendency to party all night and sleep all day.
Minions Many Evil Bosses
From that day on, we was always together.
Forrest Gump - Peas and Carrots
but by the end of the day it was, like, the more the merrier.
Clueless - R.S.V.P.
He eats three chickens every day for breakfast, lunch, supper and dessert.
Fantastic Mr. Fox - Boggis, Bunce and Bean
From Henderson High on Valentine's Day, I'm Greg Gilkins shown at 13.
Valentine's Day - How Did You Guys Meet?
I think yes, I have this big day tomorrow. I really have to get to sleep.
The Seven Year Itch - A Delicious Breeze
because you had the big knockers back in the day.
The Banger Sisters - Breasts at the DMV
and I'd work like mad all day long...
Capote - Charming the Deweys
around midnight to hand in the next day's scenes.
Capote - Charming the Deweys
The other day, Crash called a woman's pu... pussy...
Bull Durham - Annie Seduces Nuke
Maybe, maybe one day, you'll get off your ass and do your fucking job!
Dallas Buyers Club - You're the Drug Dealer
Fucking 30 day motherfuckers. Let me give y'all a little newsflash.
Dallas Buyers Club - You Tested Positive for HIV
wrong, I just rowed a day, but they...
Twins - Not Identical Twins
but one day, that cheese mysteriously appeared on the black top
Diary of a Wimpy Kid - The Cheese Touch
And so there it sat, growing more foul and powerful by the day.
Diary of a Wimpy Kid - The Cheese Touch
Boy, that woman gonna be the death of me one day. You watch.
Next Friday - Auntie Suga
Unc, who is that out with Day-Day's car?
Next Friday - Auntie Suga

Аудио произношение Day

Американское произношение

Day произнесенно Ivy (Ребёнок, девочка)
Day произнесенно Joanna (девушка)
Day произнесенно Kendra (девушка)
Day произнесенно Kimberly (девушка)
Day произнесенно Salli (девушка)
Day произнесенно Joey (мужчина)
Day произнесенно Justin (Ребёнок, мальчик)
Day произнесенно Matthew (мужчина)

Британское произношение

Day произнесенно Amy (девушка)
Day произнесенно Emma (девушка)
Day произнесенно Brian (мужчина)

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