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Как произносится слово form

  • форма
  • вид
  • бланк
  • формат
  • разновидность
  • анкета
  • образ
  • класс
  • фигура
  • модель
  • образец
  • состояние
  • внешний вид
  • опалубка
  • очертание
  • порядок
  • формальность
  • построение
  • проформа
  • нора
  • экстерьер
  • печатная форма
  • общепринятая форма
  • скамья
  • парта
  • этикет
  • церемония
  • готовность
  • образовывать
  • формировать
  • создавать
  • составлять
  • формироваться
  • образовываться
  • принимать форму
  • формовать
  • создаваться
  • придавать форму
  • вырабатывать
  • составляться
  • принимать вид
  • придавать вид
  • дисциплинировать
  • воспитывать
  • тренировать
  • строиться

Примеры из фильмов

...in the form of notes, memoranda and personal directives...
Dave - The Whole Truth
Cells get together, take on one form, deform, reform.
Lucy - Time is the Answer
of some form of physical or mental help.
Patch Adams - You Treat a Person
But as my own personal form of punishment,
Mean Girls - Making Things Right
You signed a general release and a quitclaim form,
Ghost Town - You Died
Bro, I can read your vehicle registration form.
The Weather Man - Waiting In Line
And I'm allowed to use any form of torture I deem fit.
Red 2 - Kill Him
It's really very hard to form a domestic partnership,
Freeheld - It Offends Traditional Values
But James has requested the name remain in some form or another.
Get on Up - James Brown and His Famous Flames
I'm going to insist you give me every receipt, every order form,
An Everlasting Piece - Interrogation
and some form of iconological totem or a... a thematic offering.
Sinister 2 - Bughuul
- That's the traditional form of sodomy. - Right.
The Little Hours - Serious Sins
Why should He not take this form, the form of an ordinary man?
Hail, Caesar! - Got Most Of It
something which exceeds the limits of marketing in its traditional form,
Branded - #1
All men with firearms, form a line across the street.
The Russians Are Coming! - The Militia
Why do Spirits take the form of such benign things
The Last Airbender - The Koi Spirits