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Shania Twain - Juanita lyrics with translation (on click)

Juanita - Shania Twain

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Juanita She is the restless river

running through my veins

She rides without the reins--

her name's Juanita

She lives in the heart of every

woman in the world

Within the reach of every girl

who wants to meet her

(She's gonna be ridin' through)

Her name's Juanita

(She's gonna be ridiin' free) She's ridin' free

(She's gonna be inside of you, gonna be

inside of me) She's inside of you

and inside of me, yeah

Oh, go with her--flow with her

Dream with her--scream with her

Let her take over, or just get to know her

Be everything you can be

If you can find her and free her