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Shania Twain - What A Way To Wanna Be! lyrics with translation (on click)

What A Way To Wanna Be! - Shania Twain

words to study

I don't wanna wear that

Only makes me look fat

Time to tone the thighs

got a loose another size, yeah

What a way to wanna be!

Exfoliate, loook great

Feel guilty bout what ya ate

You're buying all the books --

to learn the lastest looks, yeah

What a way to wanna be!

We like to buy, we like to spend

to keep up eith the latest trend

But we don't get no satisfaction

living like a slave to fashion

No more thinking for yourself,

just get it off a shelf

Oh -- oh, why be perfect -- no -- oh,

it's not worth it

Don't be so obsessed - c'mon give it a rest

This is not some contest - just do your best

'Cause no -- oh body's perfect

What a way to wanna be!

Mousturize, exercise, erase the