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Shania Twain - Nah! lyrics with translation (on click)

Nah! - Shania Twain

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ooo yeah

oooo oo yeah yeah

I thought I might begin by fillin' you in

in case you didn't already know.

I'll never forget how you got up and left

in fact it was down right pretty low.

There ain't no way I wanna,

you know I aint gonna

take you back so dont even try.

you can beg you can plead you can sweat you can bleed,

it's too bad I could care if you cried.

That's it thats all had fun we had a ball,

it was good while it lasted but now I'm past it.

It was short it was sweet, sure you swept me off my feet,

I'll miss you now and then but would I do it all again?


You won't find me naked and cold just a sittin on the doctor's table

waitin to be told just why I'm no longer able

to feel my heart beatin',

give me a good reason why.

I kinda went numb just around about the time you told me

you were movin' on and you said that you were gunnin' for me,

it's been so long and there ain't nothin wrong with a line.

It's too late to regret it,

but you're the one who said it,