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Jennifer Lopez – Run The World şarkı sözleri ve çevirisi (tıklatınca)

Run The World - Jennifer Lopez

Şarkı Sözleri
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We got it locked. They know, that

Whenever we around it goes down like Draino,

and it's nothing to spend these pesos,

and you will never see us ... low low.

... Ain't nothing greater,

hanging out the window straight busting at you love haters

[:Verse 1:]

Bonny Clyde,

No other girl will ever ride like I ride

That's why you need me on your passenger side,

Let me help you get that paper.

Hanging out the window busting at them love haters.

Me and you,

I'm the closest you'll ever be to truth.

There's never a question of what I'll do

Uh huh for you.

With me you'll never loose.


So, Call on your girl that can hold you right

I'll be your protector I'll never forget you.

You need somebody that can hold you tight.

I'll be in your arm love

Keep you out of harm boy.

I'll be your anything, everything

Rockin' roll with you.

If things get to hot out in the cold with you.

Froze Froze with you.

Me and you together

Our love could run the world (uh,oh) (uh,oh)

Run the world (Uh,oh) (Uh,Oh)

Our love could run the world (uh,oh) (uh,oh)

Run the world (uh,oh) (uh,oh)

Our loved could run the world.

I'll be your anything everything rockin roll with you

If things get to hot I'm in the cold with you,

Froze, Froze with you

Me and you together our love could run the world.

[:Verse 2:]