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Xzibit – Gangsta Gangsta şarkı sözleri ve çevirisi (tıklatınca)

Gangsta Gangsta - Xzibit

Şarkı Sözleri
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Witness the downfall of men,

I wanna kill you for your land, I don't mean to kill the reactor.

Linking in Japan, I am here, got the gangsta for all your chain chains.

March to the heart beat of the city,

You only hear the drums when they audace and they see me.

You know what time it is? Flavor with a thousand checks, it's like the ice ring surrounds my neck

I never worry about the referee, the gate keepers keep him locked for me.

Push all to shallow, forever, always will be underground X to the motherfucker Z,

Fold it all for the money, can't team, where my gangstars at?

Hit the park, build at the car scene, blowing red everywhere, look how strong we are.

So there will be no war or shots, I'm about to give my city boiling hot and make 'em pray for real.

And make 'em say my name, lit up more smoke than a power water drill

Concentration, determination, the very thin line between paradise and incarceration.

Gangsters, gangsters,

Gangsters, stand up and rap what you're claiming.

Police roll around, shake us down, always playing and I...

Gangsters, gangsters,

Streets made me into this man, gotta represent who I am.

They say right before you day you get the irry feeling of peace, then walk into the light.

My soul want me take it without a fight,