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How to pronounce charles in English


Examples from movies with Charles

Don't miss Charles Dickens' immortal classic, Scrooge.
Scrooged - Marketing With Terror
Charles Palantine, the man you're volunteering to help elect president.
Taxi Driver - Travis Visits Betsy
I keep wondering what the real Ray Charles sound like.
Ray - Hummingbirds
Ray Charles? Who's he?
Ray - Hummingbirds
Ray Charles Junior's "Most Valuable Player."
Ray - A Wake Up Call
- I just don't... - I understand, Charles.
Kate & Leopold - Who Are You?
I choose that Kevin Charles Walker will be the last American soldier
White House Down - Millions of People Are Gonna Die
Next interview is here. It's a talk show host. Charles Fern.
Swing State - Interview with Dick
from the right, the messenger from Maine, Mr. Charles Fern.
Swing State - Interview with Dick
So good to have you here Charles, I'm a huge fan.
Swing State - Interview with Dick
Charles, once you get outside of those coffee houses in Seattle
Swing State - Interview with Dick
Mrs. Charles, I'm sorry.
Obsessed - Overdose
Mr. Charles, this Lisa Sheridan... - Yeah,
Obsessed - Overdose
- Mrs. Charles. - She was naked in your hotel room?
Obsessed - Overdose
- Mr. Charles, would you say this affair was... - There was no affair, okay.
Obsessed - Overdose
- Mr. Charles. Please. - Hold on.
Obsessed - Overdose

Audio pronunciation of Charles

American pronunciation

Charles pronounced by Ivy (child, girl)
Charles pronounced by Joanna (female)
Charles pronounced by Kendra (female)
Charles pronounced by Kimberly (female)
Charles pronounced by Salli (female)
Charles pronounced by Joey (male)
Charles pronounced by Justin (child, boy)
Charles pronounced by Matthew (male)

British pronunciation

Charles pronounced by Amy (female)
Charles pronounced by Emma (female)
Charles pronounced by Brian (male)