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How to pronounce credit in English


Examples from movies

I'm giving you credit for saving my life.
Lost in America - Quit Your Job
And I had no idea I could be this happy without accruing credit card debt.
Legally Blonde 2 - Bruiser's Pedigree
I figured out how you're gonna earn that extra credit.
Mean Girls - Making Things Right
maxed out their credit cards on porno sites?
Kick-Ass 2 - Justice Forever
And nobody's taking credit for your talent, but we nourished it.
Ray - A Better Deal
You think that's all I do? I'm just a ditz with a credit card?
Clueless - Josh Kisses Cher
Well, if that's the case, then why didn't he get any credit?
21 - Ben Campbell amazing answer
All right, now, let's give Ben a chance for some extra credit, shall we?
21 - Ben Campbell amazing answer
Can I at least get a little credit for a solid Coming to America reference?
Dear White People - Who Am I?
Whose credit cards did this all go on?
Moms' Night Out - Credit Cards
Over my dead body, and my credit cards won't work if I'm dead.
Moms' Night Out - Credit Cards
With something called a credit default swap.
The Big Short - Jenga
Is it worth risking your life over $10, two credit cards, a hairbrush, and lipstick?
Superman - Faster Than a Speeding Bullet
Do you have the credit card that you used?
Ocean's 8 - Con Artistry
except the fact that you stole my credit card
Saved! - The Fall of Hilary Faye