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How to pronounce itself in English


Examples from movies

the sooner the next step of your life will unveil itself.
Up in the Air - Video Chat Firing
Mr. Saito, we can train your subconscious to defend itself...
Inception - The Most Skilled Extractor
The plague itself. Underwater.
Inferno - Unknown Ally
Though this town itself Will bounce back
London Road - Morning News
And today the answer to that May well lie in Ipswich itself
London Road - Morning News
The disease manifested itself in subtle ways, at first.
The Mummy - Dr. Jekyll
Choose watching history repeat itself.
T2 Trainspotting - Choose Life
ITC is constantly advancing itself in science.
Timeline - We Discovered a Worm Hole
because it thinks first of itself and not of the group.
Murder by Numbers - Freedom is Crime
Take this marshmallow, for example. It's great all by itself.
Open Season 2 - S'mores
Sometimes there's no lesson. That's a lesson in itself.
Anomalisa - Did I Do Something Wrong?