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How to pronounce lead in English


Examples from movies

it's the Finns still in the lead, with Salminen in first place.
Unbroken - An Olympic Record
lead people to have ordinary expectations about a person.
Coraline - Why Were You Born
My son, Billy, got the lead in the high school musical.
Me, Myself & Irene - Hank Comes Out
- Deena's going to sing lead. - Deena's doing what?
Dreamgirls - Deena's Gonna Sing Lead
So Deena's going to sing in the lead 'cause you like the way she looks?
Dreamgirls - Deena's Gonna Sing Lead
designed to lead us to our universal soul mate.
Serendipity - Life's Master Plan
But people didn't believe in this lead enough to drop a bomb.
Zero Dark Thirty - Kill Him For Me
open sexual boundaries lead to a deeper honesty.
Wanderlust - Open Sexual Boundaries
But Detroit is still in the lead for the year with 189,000 dollars.
The Boss - Dandelion Meeting
You're the lead guitarist. And we are counting on you for some style, brother.
The School of Rock - Creating Musical Fusion
At some point it's gonna lead back to us.
The Yards - Was It Leo?
I know. I, I... I wanna lead a righteous and just life.
The Voices - A Stone-Cold Murdering Maniac
- Dogs are my fourth best animal. - Great. Just follow my lead.
The Star - Animal Impersonations
The brothers followed my lead, accelerating at a wondrous rate!
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Turtle Origin Story
I didn't say anything to her. I did not lead her on.
Obsessed - Overdose