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How to pronounce shopping in English


Examples from movies

We're shopping for tuxedos for your wedding, man.
I Love You, Man - Best Bond Impression
You givin' me some sweaty leftovers instead of taking me shopping like a real friend?
Honey - Miss Thing
No, it's cool. If you don't wanna go shopping with me,
Honey - Miss Thing
Go out and have fun. Go shopping.
Clueless - Josh Kisses Cher
Let's go. We got a lot of shopping to do.
Mother - Shopping
Would you mind looking at my shopping mall design again?
Click - Last Time with Dad
I'm just grabbing some shopping fuel.
One Hour Photo - Uncle Sy
Well, I've got some serious shopping to do. So...
One Hour Photo - Uncle Sy
You'll have to take me shopping. You always could pick clothes.
Blue Jasmine - Ginger Visits Jasmine in New York