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How to pronounce triple in English


Examples from movies

So what's the deal now? Gary says triple homicide?
Fargo - Morning Sickness
You're sure you know where you are going? Cause we can call the triple A.
Stuart Little 2 - I'll Miss You
They were just thousands of triple A mortgages bundled together,
The Big Short - Jenga
Highest level, triple A, is getting paid first.
The Big Short - Jenga
a lot of these triple B's are going to zero, too.
The Big Short - Jenga
A's, zero. B's, zero. Double B's, zero. Triple B's, zero.
The Big Short - Jenga
I'm a triple threat... Brains, brawn, and obviously a dazzling personality.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 - Casey Meets the Turtles
Want me to get'em? - I pitched triple-A for the Red Sox...
Daddy's Home 2 - Four Dads-a-Fighting