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How to pronounce wall in English


Examples from movies

Always either, like, sitting up or against a wall or something.
Trainwreck - I Scored on LeBron James
And it's contacting the socket wall and it's causing a little bit of a short.
Iron Man - Is It Safe?
the socket wall or it goes "beep."
Iron Man - Is It Safe?
and push those rice-eaters back to the Great Wall of China
Back to School - Professor Terguson Loses It
He's absolutely right. Look, There's a bullet hole here in the wall
Clue - Over His Dead Body
They're up here on this plaque on the wall.
Top Gun - Arrogant Pilot
It's like being in love with some tiny little brick wall.
Hot Pursuit - I Am Her Lover Scene
It's like talking to the wall.
Crank - Some Pills
Somebody blew a hole in your little hole in the wall here.
Vice - Stick to the Story
Robert Stack shot a wall safe open.
Tell - Shooting the Safe
Hello. I come from outside the wall.
Insurgent - We're The Solution
You don't have no ID. Get your ass up against that wall.
Bad Boys II - Intimidating Reggie
we would sit the medium against the wall
Red Lights - Lecture
Contrary to what the degrees on the wall may imply,
Carrie Pilby - An Honest Therapist
It's a tall, narrow hole in the wall behind a door.
Matilda - Pigtail Hammer Throw
He threw the chaplain through a wall over at the library...
Stir Crazy - Getting Chow
And you have half of Wall Street out there swilling your free booze
The Great Gatsby - A Fit of Rage
If you break through that wall, we're all gonna...
Antz - Flooding The Colony
until you put another cam in the wall.
Vertical Limit - Cut the Rope