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Pronunciación en inglés de laid

  • tendido
  • colocado
  • instalado
  • extendido
  • presentado
  • echado
  • sembrado
  • abatido
  • impuesto
  • encamado
  • tirado
  • arrasado
  • matado
  • aquietado
  • formulado
  • acallado
  • derribado
  • preparado
  • desovado
  • formado
  • atribuido
  • apostado
  • dado
  • exorcizado
  • follado
  • apuntado
  • situado
  • encontrado

Ejemplos tomados de películas con Laid

- I gotta get laid already. - That's nice. Really, really nice.
American Pie - Wild Thing
You're a fake and a phony and I wish I'd never laid eyes on you.
Grease - Phony Danny
So she laid her eyes on you, huh, Zuko?
Grease - Phony Danny
Hey, I bet that's not all she's laid on him.
Grease - Phony Danny
Jonathon! Until you get laid, none of us are safe!
Class - Jesus Is My Roommate
nothing saves the wager you have laid.
Cymbeline - He Hath Enjoyed Her
"Let's go to Vegas, we'll all get drunk and laid!
The Hangover - We Didn't Steal Anything
The day I laid eyes on you, I said to myself "She's gonna be a good one."
The Perfect Storm - A Swordboat Captain
...and this tablet laid atop a paired fate."
As Above, So Below - The Catacombs
- I've laid your clothes on the bed upstairs. - Granddad died.
What We Did on Our Holiday - Granddad Died
You tell them I had to. They laid a grant of immunity on me.
Collateral - One Question Away
'Cause this is where you pick up women. You use Sophie to get laid.
Life as We Know It - The Messer Magic

Pronunciación de Laid

Pronunciación americana

Laid pronunciado por Ivy (niño, chica)
Laid pronunciado por Joanna (mujer)
Laid pronunciado por Kendra (mujer)
Laid pronunciado por Kimberly (mujer)
Laid pronunciado por Salli (mujer)
Laid pronunciado por Joey (hombre)
Laid pronunciado por Justin (niño, chico)
Laid pronunciado por Matthew (hombre)

Pronunciación británica

Laid pronunciado por Amy (mujer)
Laid pronunciado por Emma (mujer)
Laid pronunciado por Brian (hombre)

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