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Pronunciación en inglés de names


Ejemplos tomados de películas con Names

If you don't mind, fill in the names. That'll make it even more official.
Casablanca - Here's Looking At You, Kid
I'm going to rattle off some names and when I hit it, fucking buzz it.
Ted - White Trash Names
Wait, was it any one of those names with a "Lynn" after it?
Ted - White Trash Names
Why am I calling you by your first names? Though I don't know who you are.
Falling Down - The Customer is Always Right
- What's your name? - Stop. No names.
Zombieland - Limber Up
See, brand names. Brand names mean something. Understand?
American Gangster - Diluting the Brand
- He mentioned our kids' names. - And the school they go to.
Six Degrees of Separation - I Was Mugged
Yeah, I remember the names of our childhood friends, Gary.
The World's End - Unfinished Business
Anyway, this company makes a whole line of colors with equally snappy names.
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - Train Ride
I'm not going to give you those names
Hard Sell - Uncool
They all put their names to it.
Life - No Rescue
But we're all so much more complicated than our names.
Dracula 2000 - I Don't Drink Coffee
I'm just here to bring in two assholes whose names hit my desk.
Fast Five - You're Under Arrest
Eggsbert. How nice, I... umm, adore names from the bible.
The Boxtrolls - A Pleasure to Meet You
We steal a lot of the magic from things that we give names to.
The Fourth Phase - Hydrology and Sports
My goodness. Well, I've been called a few names myself.
Short Circuit 2 - Robot Rights
I started going through names, as people do, and...
The Guilt Trip - I Named You After Him

Pronunciación de Names

Pronunciación americana

Names pronunciado por Ivy (niño, chica)
Names pronunciado por Joanna (mujer)
Names pronunciado por Kendra (mujer)
Names pronunciado por Kimberly (mujer)
Names pronunciado por Salli (mujer)
Names pronunciado por Joey (hombre)
Names pronunciado por Justin (niño, chico)
Names pronunciado por Matthew (hombre)

Pronunciación británica

Names pronunciado por Amy (mujer)
Names pronunciado por Emma (mujer)
Names pronunciado por Brian (hombre)

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