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Pronunciación en inglés de suck

  • sorbo
  • mamada
  • chupada
  • mamar
  • sorber
  • libar

Ejemplos tomados de películas con Suck

The Venture Bros. - Arch de Triumph
My life is gonna rock and yours is gonna suck.
Kick-Ass 2 - The Sick Stick
Why did you have to suck their dick?
Clerks - 37 Cocks
Hey, try not to suck any dick on your way through the parking lot.
Clerks - 37 Cocks
You're supposed to suck the poison out.
Mean Girls - Making Things Right
Of course, he probably wanted to suck their dicks, but...
I Love You, Man - A Girlfriend Guy
Do I suck poison out of Norbit's ass or do I let him die?
Norbit - Mr. Wong's Toast
before Wong suck poison out of another man's ass.
Norbit - Mr. Wong's Toast
Whatever, dude, it's gonna suck.
American Teen - Meet Megan
Get yourself hard, 'cause I'm gonna suck your dick like I'm mad at It.
Bad Teacher - You Never Loved Me
I'm not here to suck your dick, Stanley.
Swordfish - I'm Ginger
We decided to create our own special brand of suck.
My Dead Boyfriend - Joey from Hoboken
Is that derived from the Latin fellare, meaning "to suck"?
Bad Words - Autofellatio
which is whatever, 'cause people suck. They suck. They lie.
The Space Between Us - Get Out
Are there any republican bands that do not suck?
Swing State - Interview with Dick
- Good to meet you. - Do you mind if I suck on that?
Look Who's Talking - That's Breast Milk
Yeah, your clothes suck. - Charlie, zip it.
Little - Teacher's Pet

Pronunciación de Suck

Pronunciación americana

Suck pronunciado por Ivy (niño, chica)
Suck pronunciado por Joanna (mujer)
Suck pronunciado por Kendra (mujer)
Suck pronunciado por Kimberly (mujer)
Suck pronunciado por Salli (mujer)
Suck pronunciado por Joey (hombre)
Suck pronunciado por Justin (niño, chico)
Suck pronunciado por Matthew (hombre)

Pronunciación británica

Suck pronunciado por Amy (mujer)
Suck pronunciado por Emma (mujer)
Suck pronunciado por Brian (hombre)