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buying kiejtés itt angol

  • vásárlás

Példák filmekből

I was in the can one time. For buying dollars. Big, big deal.
Scarface - Political Prisoner
Dealers, brokers, clients. Your mother, if she's buying.
Margin Call - A Fire Sale
Actually, I was in a shop buying pyjamas for my mom.
Hitch - Professional Help
you were buying lingerie for another woman.
Hitch - Professional Help
Something about Benjamin buying a bible.
Paper Moon - Bible Salesmen
Anyway, I'm not buying any of the bullshit you two are selling today.
What Happens in Vegas - Wedding Counseling
I've been wondering maybe about possibly buying a futon...
The Sessions - The Wrong Way to Start Off
You're just buying into what one side is saying.
Snowden - Make You See
Now, obviously, if you're buying B's, you could make more money.
The Big Short - Jenga
I'm not even buying it. I don't even think that...
Project Almanac - Timequake